About Lydia
Mrs. McCloskey looks forward to working more for the community through new her most important current focus which is spreading the word that SurGIS of Texas is a leading surveying company known for its integrity and precise timely delivery of a quality product.
Since 2012 Mrs. McCloskey has taken great care to position her company as a reliable integrity-based land surveying company that cares about the results of the fruits of their labor, and the community in which it resides.

Though she's not a registered Land Surveyor Mrs. McCloskey has held all of the other positions in her company. With trial by fire, she understands how difficult each task may be and how each role influences the overall effectiveness of her company. Through these experiences she sees each position as vital to the overall operation of her business. Whether it is being on the field crew as a rodman or instrument operator, crew chief or running a digital level, setting up a TotalStation, performing the calculations for a bench loop, being a CAD Technician, all the way through asset-management, budgeting and forecasting, or the basics of invoicing or customer relations; she has tried to instill in her employees the importance of how they do their job effecting the end result, that doing an honest days work for an honest days pay will be rewarded. Providing services and deliverables to our customers in an accurate and efficient manner, matters.

Specializing over the last 25 years in project management, network management and marketing with hands on technology sales and service she has fine-tuned her ability to effectively run several successful companies while also maintaining advanced technical certifications. Her Bachelor's degree in Communications from Trinity University in San Antonio was the foundation of her beginnings. Between 2001 - 2010, Mrs. McCloskey volunteered with the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador and for her service she was awarded the Ambassador of the Year in 2005. After ten years she Chaired the Chamber Champion committee in 2011.

She has been deeply involved in multiple community service projects ranging from establishing Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout Packs, sponsorship of a section of the Leon Creek Greenway Parks and Wildlife Trail in North Central San Antonio to being a Scout CubMaster and Armadillo District Recruiter to increase membership in Cub Scouts in north west San Antonio and Outings Chair of a Boy Scout Troop to name a few. Monthly church sponsored ramp builds for handicapped individuals in the San Antonio metropolitan area is also very important to her.

She regularly donates blood to the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center (just attained her 4-Gallon pin). Time spent giving to the community is something she instills in her children and the young people she comes in contact with. SurGIS has also recently offered a class to a Boy Scouts of America Troop located in Helotes to give them access to a rarely achieved Land Surveying Merit Badge.

2016 will be our 3rd year of Sponsorship of the annual fundraiser for Sunrise Rotary!
"God, my family and my community are very important to me and above all my gratefulness to our nation's Service men and women. we are all in their debt."